Kindergarten Butterflies

For this project, we counted out pieces of grass (math!) and talked about seasons and weather (science!) and read the book Sky Color (literacy!) and learned to make lines (writing!)….we’ve got it all covered in the art room!



Lines, using a ruler as a straight edge, special coloring technique, and glitter! Learning so many art skills with our dragonflies project in 1st and 2nd grade!

Beautiful Blooms in 1st and 2nd Grade

I was inspired by an art project I saw to create these cool flower paintings that worked perfectly with our Art Garden/Creativity in Bloom theme. Students used 3-4 paint colors for their flower starting with the circle in the middle, then concentric circle-ish shapes around it. When they were dry, students used black paint to add petal details and outline. Love how bold they are!

5th Grade Nature-Inspired Paper Art

5th graders made some beautiful nature-inspired sculptural paper masterpieces! Planting seeds of creativity and watching our art gardens grow this year! The goal of this project was to show movement with their piece, but also to evoke a sense of nature. The paper pieces are mainly just hearts cut out and left folded in half to create dimension, but they give the feeling of leaves, butterflies, moths, flowers, water, wind etc.

Books! (Creativity and Art Making)

Drawn Together is about a grandson and his grandfather connecting through drawing because they do not speak each others’ language. Beautiful illustrations by the man that brought us The Adventures of Beekle!I definitely want to read Willow to my classes this year. It’s about a girl who brings her uniqueness, creativity, and kindness to the art room!A girl and her grandfather paint together learning about mixing paint and how to use her imagination after she makes a wavy purple line. A girl is chosen to make a painting for the school art show, but she just doesn’t know where to start. It’s all about starting with one simple idea.


Looooves this project I did with 5th grade! I was taking an Art of Education painting class and made painting that eventually led to this lesson. Students drew their dragons, rolled out their first color using sponge rollers to create texture. Then, we painted a second color over the background and used a fork to scratch away color which left such cool patterns and texture. Students also used paint and oil pastel to fill in the small details. We splattered painted at the end for the final touch!

Here are the steps below from my painting…