Smile! Pass it on #monalisaandmore

Shared the #SmilePassItOn philosophy with my 5th graders, and they ran with it! #proudartteacher Each student got to choose a smile to keep for themselves (although some said they wanted to pass that one on too, and if they made a #Smile #PassItOn card, they could take a second smile to share with someone or to place anonymously around the community or while traveling over spring break. Excited to hear their #ArtRoomSmiles stories when we get back from break! #monalisaandmore #kindnessboomerang #hillviewart


Smile! Pass it on. Thumbprints

I told students my favorite #smile from last year was special because someone had left a thumbprint in it by accident, and it was perfect for rubbing like a worry stone. After that, several students purposely put a thumbprint on the back of theirs so more people could use theirs as worry stones. Very thoughtful and sweet! #SmilePassItOn #monalisaandmore