4th Grade Glazed Plates

Used my wooden clay forms for the first time with 4th grade artists. We looked at Ancient Greek/Roman ceramic plates for inspiration. Students also made ancient coins to go with their plates which we will be painting next week using a different technique. The glazed plates are looking beautiful!


Monster Making

I have a 1st grade class that is ahead of the others, so they got a bonus make n take, one-day monster project! They took two colors of modeling clay to swirl together to make the head of their monster. Then, they added googly eyes, Twisteez wire, and some beads to create a face. Next, they drew on a body and traced in marker, then colored with crayon. They had a blast!

Love Monster

My daughter wanted the Love Monster as her Valentine’s Day box, so we made it….and it turned out so cute!! Used a cereal box for the body, balsa wood legs/arms, spray painted red, foam pieces to eyes/paws/teeth, used black paint and cardboard scraps to make the fur texture.