When a student finishes a project early, there are activities posted in the back of the classroom for them to choose from. Art-ivity is a drawing prompt. For example, draw yourself as a superhero!

The rules are: Use entire paper.  Draw in pencil first. Color. Enjoy!

Read-ivity is a silly poem (Thank you, Shel Silverstein!) or descriptive book excerpt typed and laminated and put in the Read-ivity box.  Students choose one to illustrate.  I also keep a rotating collection of books from the library on my back shelf that connect to the art room and projects being taught.

I also have a Write-ivity posted to choose from which is a writing prompt.  I am trying to incorporate more reading and writing into my curriculum to support all aspects of learning. Interdisciplinary and such!  The writing prompt for the photo below was “I am proud because…”



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