More Hallway Art

My kindergarten classes did a hands on group art project to start off their classes this week, and it was a total success! I covered a table with a clear shower curtain, placed a large piece of paper on it, then let the class choose some paint colors to squeeze onto the paper. Then, we folded half of the shower curtain over the wet paint. Students used their hands to squish and smooth the paints so that the colors mixed together and spread out over the paper. The project is mess free (for them, not me…haha)! We pulled the paper out and put it somewhere to dry. When dry, the organic shape was cut out, and VOILĂ€ , beautiful O’Keeffe inspired flowers. I have heard many compliments on them.  

Also, check out the the lovely torn-paper poppy collages around the border made by the talented 2nd graders in Ms. Allen’s class!


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