Grumpy Cat

Ms. Allen’s 2nd grade class did a silly one-day drawing project today. Great drawing skills, 2nd grade!  


“Palette” Cleanser 

Between big projects, I like to take some time for drawing exercises. I put “how to draw” images on the smart board. Students work on basic drawing skills, then build on them by learning to add details and learning about backgrounds to put their drawings in an environment. The three basic steps are: draw in pencil, trace in sharpie, color with crayon. This helps hone drawing skills, and I am always amazed by how well they turn out. Like with sports, art requires practice! Here are some examples from Ms. Pillar’s 1st grade class. Impressive!  



On Display

 Kindergarten completed their 3D flowers recently. In this project, we learned about lines, “painting” with markers, printmaking, and color mixing!

   3rd grade recently completed their texture flowers using tissue paper. 

 Making the halls of Hill View beautiful with awesome artwork!

Sub Plans

Unfortunately, I was home with a sick child and had to write sub plans. The older students did a fun activity that even Miss Rose in the office wanted to try out!  

It’s easy and fun! Crumple up a piece of paper. Trace wrinkles with black sharpie. Color the white spaces using markers. It looks like stained glass in the end!