On Display

 The 5th grade pumpkins are making the hallways extra bright!  

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkins

The 5th graders are studying the art of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Her artwork is AMAZING, and the students have been blown away by her work. As an homage to her, the 5th graders created their own pumpkins with mosaic backgrounds. Kusama is known for polka dots and pumpkins amongst other things. Ask your child to explain to you the following types of art: installation, environmental, and performance art.  



The kindergarten and 1st grade classes are learning all about texture this month. We started by watching a short video called Texture Desert. It can be found here:  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_oQIJscP7bE 

 The song has been stuck in my head for days! Students have been going on a search in the art room for different textures. They used their texture puzzle worksheet to collect texture treasures…some found on the bottom of their friend’s shoes! 

   This is Ms. Pillar’s 1st grade class.