I ❤️ kindergarten

All Hill View students are working on a group “quilt” project to go along with the art of Faith Ringgold who is known for her story quilts. The kindergarten classes have been doing a fine job of using a three color pattern to carefully fill in each quilt square pattern. Matching patterns have to have matching 3-color marker patterns. Sound confusing?! The K classes didn’t think so! They caught on so quickly, AND are doing a superb job of coloring carefully and neatly!  

 They also completed some winter (icicle, blustery, winter winds…) paper sculptures that are currently hanging from the ceiling in the “arts wing”, as I like to call it, at school. (That would be the hallway between the art and music rooms.) I had a 4th grader ask me who made them, and when I told him kindergarten, he was quite impressed. “Whoa! I thought you were going to say an older grade did them!”  



Clay has been keeping me so busy (and messy) that I haven’t been very good about capturing the fun in photos. Stay tuned for updates next week!


K-2nd learned how to draw Charley Harper-inspired cardinals. Students painted the backgrounds (in silence!) while listening to jazz music. The goal was to feel the music and express it through their brushstrokes. What a great exercise in focusing and expressing our creativity set to a little Ella Fitzgerald!  


Jazz and Painting

This week, I will doing demos of the upcoming clay projects for grades 2-5. All students will be introduced to our new featured artist, Faith Ringgold, as we celebrate Black History Month. Students will also be listening to some jazz (Ella Fitzgerald) whole freestyle painting to the music using their cardinal drawings they made last week. We have had a blast so far! Here is an example of some students in Mrs. Evearitt’s kindergarten classroom painting to the music.  


Colorful Crumples

This has been a fun project that was started when I had a sub one day (awhile ago!) and worked on here and there between big projects. They look great alone, but they look even better all put together in the hallway! 

 How to make a colorful crumple paper of your own….

1. Crumple paper

2. Trace crinkle lines in Sharpie.

3. Color in each space with marker.