Got the best compliment from a 4th grader yesterday when she was showing me her art folder full of AMAZING drawings she had done at home. One was of a flower (inspired by the O’Keeffe project we had done at the beginning of the school year). She told me, “When I drew this I remembered what you said about how I should draw what I see and not what I think I see.” Yes!!! You got it, Darine! When drawing from life, you need to observe first and really look at the shapes and lines. #proudartteacher 👍🏼👍🏼


Music performance 

The weeks before going on winter break were very busy, and I forgot to post pictures of the backdrop the 5th graders and I made in the art room. It turned out so GREAT, and the performance was wonderful!  


Happy New Year!

Upcoming events in the Hill View art room and beyond….

*All grades will be learning about artist Faith Ringgold to keep with our “famous female artist” theme this school year. 

*3rd grade will be having their annual art show at the Sylvania Heritage Museum soon. More details to follow, but Hill View’s reception date is Wednesday, February 10th starting at 5pm. (I will be sending home info this month.)

*The YAM and YPAE art shows have chosen their pieces for the state show this year. I already know who was chosen!

*There will also be a regional art show coming up around March, as well as some art on display at the Sylvania library. I will announce students chosen for art shows as we get closer to the event!

Cheers to an artistic new year!!