Mrs. Templeton’s kindergarten class got to create some sea creature masterpieces for their art reward day today. We started by watching some Steve Harpster videos to learn how to draw his cartoon sea creatures. The next step was to turn the kindergarteners loose and let them create! I had boxes of random art supplies and “treasures” (odds and ends) sitting out, and the students went to town creating masterpieces. What fun!  


Color Theory and Clay

Mixing colors is an art, no pun intended! The 4th and 5th graders are being challenged to blend paints to come up with their skin tones and hair color for self-portrait clay projects. It’s NT as easy as it looks, and they have done fabulously!  

  4th grade faces above   
   5th grade dream jars
Amazing to see how proud students are when they have created beautiful day colors without making them look too muddy. Great work!


There is a new K-5 group project on display in honor of artist Faith Ringgold who is known for her story quilts amongst many other things (i.e. paintings, soft-sculptures, writing and illustrating children’s book, teaching, and civil rights activism).