So much ART! 

I went into school on my day off today to hang artwork! I actually love hanging artwork…it’s the taking down part that is not so fun. I am always amazed at the talent of my little student-artists! 

   #ARTselfie (I couldn’t resist!)
 I believe this is becoming an annual project with my kindergarten classes. I use painters tape to write the words on each piece of paper. Each kindergarten class is assigned a color (yellow, magenta, and turquoise this year). They use stamps, sponges, and rollers to cover the paper. I pull the tape off when dry, and VOILÀ, a beautiful art piece ready for the wall.



   1st grade “flying” self-portraits inspired by Faith Ringgold’s book Tar Beach. The city buildings are made out of paint chips. The background is made using shaving cream and paint to create our swirly sky.
  Clay projects in the display case  
4th grade clay self-portraits 



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