The special areas teachers hosted an AMPEd (Art, Music, Physical Education) day for our last day of school. We had a blast! We looked at the choreographed, symmetrical art of Hewrher Hansen, then did our own versions of it as a group in the gym. Here are the students at work…. 

Scrap Paper Challenge

It’s the last week school, and I will be seeing students one last time in the art room before summer break. Here is our last art challenge of the school year…the scrap paper challenge!! I randomly tore my scrap paper into different organic shapes. At each child’s seat, I placed a piece of drawing paper and a single paper scrap. The challenge: use your imagine and create a masterpiece starting with turning the scrap paper into…something!  The kids rocked this challenge out! The directions on the board said:

1) glue stick (for attaching scrap paper to their drawing paper)

2) pencil (draw design in pencil first)

3) sharpie (always looks better traced in sharpie!)  

4) crayons (color!!)

5) treasures (I have box lids full of art “treasures” in the back of the room…anything from yarn to sequins.)

Here are some examples from today…