Smile! Pass it on.

During the winter, most of the students were working on clay projects. The 2nd and 3rd graders used their leftovers pieces of clay to create smiley faces to give away to others in need of a smile. The smiles were then glazed. Today, each staff member at Hill View were given a smile, and the rest are sitting out in the office.  Stop in for a smile at Hill View Elementary!

The first graders also created little cards to go with the smiles. There has been a great response!


4 thoughts on “Smile! Pass it on.

    • They are fully glazed! I had to put each individual smile on a tiny stilt. It’s A LOT of work, but I had people asking for them again this year….so I did them again! If any of them come out and the glaze isn’t shiny enough or if a student missed a spot, I reglaze and refire them.


    • Thank you! I have 420ish students at my school, but this is a special project more for the 5th graders even though I have had 4th grade help out with making them. I have done it differently in past years, but for the most part I have each 5th grader make 3-5 smiles out of clay. Once they are fired, they each glaze 3-5 smiles. The hardest part is finding enough tiny stilts to accommodate a fully glazed smile, so I do several firings using every single tiny stilt I have. (Talk about back pain from loading and unloading!) If a smile doesn’t get properly glazed, I usually do a second coat and run them back through the kiln. At the end, they look amazing! I show the students a video called Kindness Boomerang, then we talk about our “Smile! Pass it on.” motto that goes along with each smile. The students then make their own “Smile! Pass it on.” cards. Each student gets 1-2 smiles (depends on how many extra I need for other community projects.), then we talk about what they can do with the smiles…..give it to someone they know that needs a smile, keep it for themselves until they no longer need it, leave it for someone to find…and they place their card with it. It’s a labor of love, but worth it!


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