Found some really cool treasures in the India box at school! Now that clay projects are finished (at least the construction part), students are more omg on to some new India projects. The 3rd and 4th graders are working on zentangle peacocks, and kindergarteners learned how to draw elephants. What talent! 


3rd Grade Art Show 2017

Spent a couple of hours putting up artwork at the Sylvania Heritage Museum after work this week, and the show looks amazing! Each 3rd grade student at Hill View has a clay mask on display. Details about the show coming soon….

All Clay/All Day

The clay projects are officially underway for every single student at Hill View Elementary. Talk about busy!!! Each grade level will be doing their own special clay project to go along with our India unit. Also, I am excited to announce that I am bringing back our HV Smiles clay smiley faces project! Be looking for the smiles next month in the office….


I started my unit on India with the students of Hill View. The 5th graders are gearing up to do a clay project inspired by henna designs. One of my 5th grade girls and her 3rd grade sister decided to do some henna on themselves over the weekend, and I loved seeing it! Henna is used in many countries and cultures, and today, I had one class where students with families from three different counties (Sudan, Egypt, and Palestine) discussed the use of henna in all of their cultures. I love the diversity at my school and making these kinds of connections in the art room!

Plexus no. 35

If you haven’t been to the Toledo Museum of Art to see the rainbow threads installation titled Plexus no. 35, you are missing out! The exhibition comes down January 29th, and it needs to be seen in person. It’s amazing! My family and I enjoyed a wonderful night at the art museum…