Pinch Pot Diyas from India

Kindergarten made pinch pots inspired by Indian diyas. We painted them with Chromatemp paints which are awesome! They have a sheen to them so the colors look metallic.  Today, the students got to make their diyas extra special by adding silver or gold glitter to the rim.  The best part though was when they went “shopping” in Mrs. Vanni’s gem store to search for that perfect gem to hide inside their pinch pots. 

Art Passports

Everyone we travel to a new country, students create a sticker for their art passports. It’s a little activity, but students are always so eager to work in them! Perhaps it’s because they get to use colored Sharpies…….😜

Clay Repair

Had some elephant explosions in the kiln, but with a little art ingenuity, they are all in tact! Here I have an elephant that lost half of its body, so I put a little Elmer’s glue and rebuilt the side using air dry clay. The elephant has since dried and has been painted with no problems!