Venice 2017

Venice was such a blast and full of fine art references and amazing modern art next to historical architecture. I kept thinking about the Venice-inspired art lessons I did this past school year with my students…the gondola/gondolier mixed media project with 4th graders, papier-mâché masks with 5th graders, 3D clay and 2D paper masks with 3rd graders. Amazing to go back and see the inspiration in person, and then to be reinspired for future art projects!Keith Haring-inspired fashion accessories 

Melting Dali clocks

Support sculpture modern art (only there until November!)

The Scream-inspired maskgondolas wverywhere!

Mona Lisa pillowcase…I neeeeeed it!

Miro and Kandinsky bedding 

Mona Lisa mask

Mask made to look like Van Gogh 

Love the moon/sun masks

Etching on foil?? I don’t know what it is, but I like it!


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