Kindergarten Kings and Queens

These giant self-portrait heads have been so hilarious to make. The best part are those little kinders holding up their painted heads in front of themselves. What a photo op!

Clay Gargoyle Heads

The 1st graders made these awesome gargoyles out of clay! After they were fired, we dipped them in black paint and sponge painted them with metallic paint. So cool!


Looooves this project I did with 5th grade! I was taking an Art of Education painting class and made painting that eventually led to this lesson. Students drew their dragons, rolled out their first color using sponge rollers to create texture. Then, we painted a second color over the background and used a fork to scratch away color which left such cool patterns and texture. Students also used paint and oil pastel to fill in the small details. We splattered painted at the end for the final touch!

Here are the steps below from my painting…

Castles and Knights

The 4th graders just finished their castle and knight projects, and I love them! They first designed their castles and painted them with watercolors. Then, they used aluminum foil to create armor for their knight. Students used black paper and a pencil to make a simple stick figure to map out the proportions of their knights. Then, they cut out foil and used glue stick to add it on top of their stick figures. Leaving a little bit of black space between to show the definition in the armor. We used old CDs and Sharpies to create a shield for the knights. I got glued them with cardboard in between the layers to make it pop a bit. The students could have done it with regular glue, but I was trying to speed up the process a bit. 😁 This was a super fun project, and the students loved the results!