3rd Grade Art Wooden Bird Sculptures

The 3rd graders are completing their wooden bird sculptures for their winter art show. They are SO cute!! We started by assembling wood pieces into a bird shape. Then, we drew some Sharpie details on the birds before painting their base colors with tempera paint. After painting the base color, students learned how to create an ombré effect on the wings practicing first on the tail feather area. Then, students used pearlescent paint and small brushstrokes to create a feathery texture. Once paint was dry, we went over the Sharpie details and added tail feathers. Adorable!!

“Cool” Self-Portraits in 4th Grade

Students finished their cool self-portraits inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and his Mona Lisa painting! This was a mixed media project, and we used the following materials….

-printable pair of sunglasses

-landscape drawn in pencil, traced in ultra fine sharpie, colored with twistable colored pencils

-glue stick to attach it to large 80lb drawing paper (don’t forget to leave space above sunglasses for top of the head)

-draw portrait around sunglasses in pencil, trace in regular sharpie

-watercolor paint in background, choose 1-2 colors to reflect the setting of sunglasses landscape

-fine and ultra-fine Sharpies for zentangling hair and/or shirt

Great job, 4th grade!