4th Grade Artist Portraits

Loved making these artist portraits with 4th grade! Students first drew a headless version of themselves as if they were painting. Then, I took a picture of them to be printed out for the following week and glued down. We made a dot on the paper to indicate where the vein king and floor lines would all meet. We used our rulers to create the likes of that wall and two floor lines. We discussed the different angles of the floor and talked about perspective. The next week, we added the drawing of the painting and watched When Pigasso Met Mootisse. We then looked at the artwork of Picasso and Matisse and let it inspire our paintings within a drawing. We used our rulers and talked about following the angles of the floor lines to create our checkerboard pattern. After drawing everything, we traced everything in Sharpie. Marker was used for the floor and painting. Twistable colored pencils were used for the body. Two crayons in the same color family were used for the walls along with texture plate. Great results thus far!


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