5th Grade Egyptian Paintings 

Some very cool Egyptian art-inspired designs from 5th grade! Drew in pencil, traced in glue, outlined dried glue lines with sharpie, ready to paint with watercolors. I know painting them will be fun and look great, but I’m kinda digging them in black and white! 


2nd Grade Egyptian Cats

Loving these Egyptian cats, but they aren’t done yet! The 2nd graders first did a review of line making for the background which gives the project the feel of hieroglyphs. This week, we learned how to draw cats in motion on the back of our paper. (The front of the paper is covered in metallic gold or silver paint.) We cut out our cats with black construction paper so the cat would have a perfect black shadow. I am loving the results!! Just need to glue into place and draw the face! 

Cat and Shadow

Last week students rolled metallic colors onto a piece of paper. When it was dry, I stapled the metallic paper to a piece of black construction paper with the back of the metallic paper facing out (are you following??) Today, I taught the students how to sketch out a cat that looked like it was moving. Students used sketchy, gestural lines, so I had students bring me their papers one at a time so I could use a highlighter to–highlight, duh–wear they should cut. They cut out their cats to discover a perfect kitty cat shadow which will be used for the final project. Sounds more complicated than it actually was! Lol! Very cool results!!