Art Books (Clay)

Found this story read aloud on YouTube, and it is so good!! It would be the perfect book for kicking off a clay unit!!


Mouse Paint

The kindergarten Mouse Paint project is very cute! Students made teeny little model magic mice, then carefully painted the inside of the ears, tail, and nose pink in the following class. We talked all about the primary colors and color mixing, then painted the background. We started by painting yellow in the middle, then added red and used a “feather touch” to lightly blend the two colors together. We did the same on the other side with blue. Colorful! The last step was flying down the mice and making tiny paintbrushes out of model magic.

When Pigasso Met Mootisse Clay Project

I love this book, and my 1st and 2nd graders had a blast creating artist pigs (1st grade) and cows (2nd grade). We started by making clay pinch pots, then I showed them how to attach the legs. Some students opted to not add legs. Those that didn’t add legs did the front of the pinch pots as the entire face. After adding legs, students formed the head and used a pinch and pull method to make the ears and/or horns. We added the snout/nose and tail, then little details last. When they were ready to paint, we looked at different breeds of cows and pigs to see our color options. I put out a palette of pink, two shades of peach, three shades of brown, black and white. Those were our realistic colors. The following week, we experimented with adding artist brushstrokes and paint splatters to our artist animals and selected googly eyes. On the last day of the project, we added artist accessories….beret, model magic paintbrush, mini Picasso/Matisse paintings made with markers on tiny pieces of paper. This was a FUN project!

Tic Tac Toe!

Our clay tic tac toe game boards and pieces being painted in #5thgradeart and they look awesome!! Used tempera cakes to paint them so they would dry quickly and students could build up layers of color and work on all sides of their game pieces in one class. They aren’t quite finished yet, but almost there!

Valentine’s Day Box: Glue Bottle

My 3rd grade daughter came up with a glue bottle, so we created Elmer’s Stuck on You Glue! We used our icy snow day to finish it up. The base is a cereal box, a cone for the top with a piece if card stock around it for the base of the nozzle. Plaster cast strips were used to cover the bottle before it got painted solid white. Details: orange paint and sharpie to finish the nozzle and hot glue dripping out of nozzle (since all my actual school glue bottles have drips!), paper, stencils, markers, and Sharpies to create the front and back label. Adorable!

Love Monsters

So I did a clay project with every student at my school, and when the first grouping of projects was ready, I loaded the kiln. Clay coming out of my ears, and my kiln was DEAD when I plugged it in.😭😩 I feel like my littles needed a quick art fix and some instant gratification, so we made these adorable Love Monsters that will go home with them right away. They have been very patient through the clay problems and snow day silliness putting us way behind schedule! Thanks for the lesson idea @kari_on_kaser ❤️ #lovemonster #hillviewart #monalisaandmore