Greek Clay Coins and Glazed Plates

The 4th graders finished up their clay unit by painting their Greek coins and placing them in their glazed plates. Coins were made using our leftover clay and stamped with clay stampers. After being fired, we dunked them in watered down tempera paint and lightly sponged them with Chromatemp metallic paints. Beautiful!


Smile! Pass it on. Thumbprints

I told students my favorite #smile from last year was special because someone had left a thumbprint in it by accident, and it was perfect for rubbing like a worry stone. After that, several students purposely put a thumbprint on the back of theirs so more people could use theirs as worry stones. Very thoughtful and sweet! #SmilePassItOn #monalisaandmore

Monster Making

I have a 1st grade class that is ahead of the others, so they got a bonus make n take, one-day monster project! They took two colors of modeling clay to swirl together to make the head of their monster. Then, they added googly eyes, Twisteez wire, and some beads to create a face. Next, they drew on a body and traced in marker, then colored with crayon. They had a blast!