Teachers Teaching Teachers

Several fellow Hill View teachers came to the art room after school to learn how to make marbled paper using shaving cream and paint. The staff is creating a personal work of art to display outside their classroom. After creating a background design, we stenciled a Hill View Hawk onto our paper. The art projects looked great, and we had a fun time making them! 


Loving the weavings 4th graders are making this year! It’s fun to see them experiment with different techniques. Our new favorite technique is called “rya”. There is a video on YouTube that shows you how to do it. Very easy and fun! I loved that two of my students from Mrs. Kujawa’s class brought in weavings they made outside of class! Ainsley even made her own cardboard loom at home…AWESOME! 

Kathputli Marionettes

5th graders got a lot some on their second day of working on the marionettes. The faces were touched up with Sharpie markers, and students are beginning to create classes thing for their puppets as well. Students created a clothing template on cardstock paper, then folded a piece of cloth in half, traced the template, and cut out the cloth. They glued the cloth pieces together with their marionette sandwiched in between. Next week, we will be adding hair, hats or veils, and embellishments!