Magic! Color! Transfer!

The 1st graders made some more art room magic with these color transfer doodles! First, paper was folded in half and one side was colored in with oil pastels. Then, students closed their papers and doodle on the back, when they opened up their papers  they had rainbow doodles in the inside! Magic! 

Symmetry Inspired by Turkish Tiles

The 4th graders are starting a new project inspired by the country and culture of Turkey. Students choose a base. Then, they fold their next layer into fours and cut a design–like when you make snowflakes! I always say, “Cut a shape, skip a space, cut a shape.” Then, glue down. The next layer is cut more intricately, then glued down. The paper I’m using is 6″x18″. The final layer goes in the center (students will do this step next week.) and is a smaller size: 6″x6″.

This last one is my teacher exemplar. The students are already asking me if they can make another one before they even finished the first one! 

Art Teachers Making Art: Felting Edition

Spent my evening with two art teacher friends at a felting workshop where we used alpaca wool from a local alpaca farm to crest some fun art projects! I’m hooked! Check out for more info! Started off with my shades of green background.

Working with Miss Goldberg from McCord and Mrs. Schooner from Highland.

Adding my flowers🌸My finished felting project! 

Mrs. Schooner’s iris Miss Goldberg’s coral clutch and flower pins

I have mine framed and mounted on the wall already!! Such a fun class! Check out Anthony Wayne Arts Commision for more upcoming workshops.